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Shaper Cutter
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Material:                   High-Speed-SteelsHSS,  Powder-Metal-SteelsPM - HSS, Carbide

Outside diameter:  Φ6  Φ350

Module:                    m0.2 ~ m28

Quality:                     DIN1829 AA, A

Coating:               Oerlikon - Balzers

Keyway:                  Transverse keyway and other keyway

Comdition:              Wet;  Dry;  Soft;  Hard

Struction:                Disk-type; Deep-counterbore-type; Taper-shank-type; Straight-shank-type

Helix angle:            ±45°

Profile:                     Chamfer, Root fillet, Tip relief, Protuberance, Full radius, Topping, Semi- 

                                   topping on top are possible modifications that can be combined with each                                       other.


We manufacture all kinds of shaper cutters.


Solid HSS shaper cutters

Soild Carbide shaper cutters

Involut Spline shaper cutters

involute Serration shaper cutters

Parallel side spline shaper cutters

Roller chain sprocket shaper cutters

Belt wheels shaper cutters

Skiving gear shaper cutters

Fellows-type shaper cutters

Sykes-type shaper cutters




Helical teeth shaper cutter;  Combined teeth shaper cutter


Small diamter and small module shaper cutter


Helical teeth shaper cutter with transverse keyway


Pot type shaper cutter


Sykes-type shaper cutters


Fellows-type shaper cutters



Roller chain sproket shaper cutter (Non-involute gear shaper cutter


Serration spline shaper cutter


Parallel side spline shaper cutter

Shaper cutters

Non-involute gear shaper cutters

Mã: Non-involute gear shaper cutters

Pre-shaving shaper cutter

Mã: Pre-shaving shaper cutter

Shaper cutters

Mã: Shaper cutters